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The President Hotel

Bedroom Softs, artworks, Corridors and Lift Landings 

Tell Story 

Catering to the world-class experiences the Western Cape holds, HTB Journey drew inspiration for the design directly from hotel guests. Says Project Lead Justin Raath; “I would come in and listen to what visitors were planning for their day here in Cape Town. The range of world class choices on our doorstep was mind blowing – anything from wine tasting in Franschhoek to big game viewing in the Karoo and shark cage diving in Gansbaai. You could be in semi desert one day, snow the next and subtropical forest thereafter – the Western Cape is uniquely spectacular and we wanted to tell its story.”  

Teaming up with local the talented Sacha Specker, the sequence of images features a unique story of the Mother City, which were captured along over 1 000kms of land and sea . With the aim of providing guests a diversified perspective on their surroundings, Sacha ventured to distinct corners of the province including the rugged crags of the Cape Fold Belt and Cederberg Mountains, wide ranges of the Karoo, and into the shores of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.


With the 5th and 6th works complete, the result is one we are particularly proud of. Keep an eye out for more story time on the remaining floors. 


Bedroom Softs, Artwork, corridors and lift landings


The President Hotel

Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa  




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